.Ooo domain update ,No adsence approve

Adsence approval on .Ooo domain (Yes/No)

Adsence approval on .Ooo domain ,Hloo friends today i am going to tell you the updates on .ooo domain.You have also buyed the .ooo free domain and wanted to approve adsence so lets discuss will you get adsence approve on it or not.
.Ooo domain update ,No adsence approve

.Ooo domain update

Hloo friend many of you have purchased the .Ooo free domain and worked hard on it and you may be wanted get adsence approve from it,but a new update has comed on .Ooo domain is that you wont get now Adsence approval on .Ooo domain.
Now .Ooo domain has become worst then .tk or .ml domain now when you apply for adsence from .Ooo domain they will not approve it they refuse the approval by saying different things about the website but the main reason is that now google is not willing to give adsence approval on .Ooo domain.

My one friend submited a adsence approval request on .ooo domain but the google didnt approve it the said that the site server is low but my friend didnt connected any hosting then how is ut posdible for server down without hostnit it clearly mean that google is not willing to accept .Ooo domain.

I know many of you have purchased .Ooo domain and wirked hard or now working hard to get adsence approve but it is not possible from now ,some people have got adsence approve from these domain but now its impossible.I have also puchased .Ooo domain "tecnotips.ooo" and i was working hard till now and wanted to get adsence approve but when i heard about the .Ooo donain update i was very upset.

Now you have only one way to get adsence approve you have to buy a custom domain like .com,.in , .org.I have also buyed the site "tips4india.com" and now i am working hard on it to get adsence approval.Now if you want to get fully approved adsence account you have to invest to buy a domain else there is no way to get adsence approval so dont waste your time on .Ooo domain.

"Hope you guys understand the update about .Ooo domain so dont waste your time on it buy a new custom domai  or work on blogspot.com domain to get adsence approval"
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